Robot 1 Lesson

Step 1 - Build Your Driving Base Robot

Build the medium motor robot driving base:

If clicking on the image above doesn’t open the instructions, right-click on the image and choose “Save link as…” to download the PDF.

Step 2 - Show an image

At first, it’s nice to know that your program is running. Plug in a ||brick:show mood|| from the BRICK toolbox drawer into the ||loops:on start|| block. Change the image to something else if you want!


Step 3 - Try your code

Look at the simulator and check that your image is showing on the screen. When you are ready, press the DOWNLOAD button and follow the instructions to transfer your code on the brick.

Step 4 - Pause on Start

As you may have noticed, the code starts running immediately once you download it to the brick. To prevent the robot from rolling away, add a ||brick:pause until enter pressed|| button to wait for the user to press enter.


Step 5 - Steer motors

Drag a ||motors:steer motors|| block from the MOTORS toolbox drawer and snap it in under ||brick:show mood||. Click on the (+) symbol and make sure to tell your motors to turn 1 rotation.

motors.largeBC.steer(0, 50, 1, MoveUnit.Rotations)

Step 6 - Try your code

Whenever you make a code change, the simulator will restart so you can see what your latest change will do. When you are ready, click DOWNLOAD and follow the instructions to transfer the code into your brick.

Remember: Take the driving base apart at the end of the session so that another group can build their robot too.