Pause until the timer counts up to a number of milliseconds.


When code in a block comes to a pauseUntil, it will wait until the timer count reaches the number of milliseconds you say. Code in blocks like forever and runInParallel will keep running while the current code is paused.

The time number you give is the number of milliseconds past the running timer count. If the timer is currently at 25000 milliseconds and you want to pause for 10 seconds, then use a pause time of 35000. If you want your pause time number to match the actual wait time, then reset the timer first.


  • ms: the number of milliseconds that you want the timer to count up to. For seconds, convert to milliseconds: 100 milliseconds = 1/10 second and 1000 milliseconds = 1 second.


Pause between messages on the screen by 5 seconds.

brick.showString("Testing my pause...", 1)
let startTime = control.timer1.millis()
brick.showValue("StartTime", startTime, 3)
control.timer1.pauseUntil(startTime + 5000)
brick.showValue("EndTime", control.timer1.millis() - startTime, 4)

See also

millis, reset