pause Until

Make your program wait until an some object is detected in proximity of the infrared sensor.


How an object is detected depends on the light thresholds set for the sensor. A threshold is a number for relative distance of the a return of reflected infrared light. The brighter the light, the nearer the object is. The value for what near means is determined by this threshold. A certain minimum amount of light returned is also set to determine that an object is detected. The two thresholds you can set are:

  • near: a distance to set to detect objects coming close
  • detected: the brightness of infrared light to needed to detect presence of another infrared transmitter.


  • event: the object detection action to wait for. The detection types (events) are:
    • detected: some other object is sending out infrared light
    • near: the sensor detected something within the distance of the near threshold


Wait for another object sending out infrared light. Show a message on the screen when it’s dectected.

brick.showString("Waiting for another", 1);
brick.showString("robot to appear...", 2);
brick.showString("Hey, I just saw", 1)
brick.showString("Something!", 2);

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