ring Tone

Play a musical tone on the speaker. The tone has a pitch (frequency) as high or low as you say. The tone will keep playing until tell it to stop.


Simulator: ||music:ring tone|| works on the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3. It might not work in the simulator on every browser.

The tone will keep playing until you stop it with ||music:stop all sounds||.


  • frequency is a number that says how high-pitched or low-pitched the tone is. This number is in Hz (Hertz), which is a measurement of frequency (pitch).


This program checks the speed from the large A motor and uses the speed to adjust a tone it rings.

loops.forever(function () {
    music.ringTone(motors.largeA.speed() * 100)

See also

rest, play tone, tempo, set tempo, change tempo by