Get the promixity of an object measured by the infrared sensor.


The proximity value returned is a number between 0 and 100 which is a relative measurment of distance to an object. A value of 0 means something is very close and 100 means something is far away. The proximity is determined by the amount of infrared light reflected back by an object. The proximity value for an object that has a lighter color and smooth surface will be less than an object at the same distance with a darker color and a rough surface.

Proximity isn’t an actual measurement units of distance, like in centimeters or meters, but it gives you an idea whether something is close or not so close.


  • a number that is 0 for (very near) to 100 (far). The value is relative to the range of the infrared sensor.


When the infrared sensor on port 4 detects a near object, display its proximity value on the screen.

sensors.infrared4.onEvent(InfraredSensorEvent.ObjectNear, function () {
    brick.showValue("proximity", sensors.infrared4.proximity(), 1)

See also

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