show Value

Show a name-value-pair on the screen at the line you select.

brick.showValue("item", 0, 1);

Name-value-pairs are used to report data values to the screen. If you want to show the current temperature on the screen, you might use "temp" as the data name for the the value.


  • name: a string which is the name of the data value.
  • value: a number to show on the brick’s screen.
  • line: The line number on the screen where the value is displayed. The line numbers for the screen start with line 1.


Show the current amount of ambient light detected by sensor 2.

brick.buttonEnter.onEvent(ButtonEvent.Bumped, function () {
    brick.showValue("color", sensors.color2.light(LightIntensityMode.Ambient), 1)

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