pause Until

Causes your program to wait until an event at a button happens.



  • ev: the button action to wait for. The button actions (events) are:
    • click: button was clicked (pressed and released)
    • up: button is released from just being pressed
    • down: button is just pressed down


Wait for the up button to go up before continuing with displaying a message on the screen.

let waitTime = 0;
brick.showString("We're going to wait", 1);
brick.showString("for you to press and", 2);
brick.showString("release the UP button", 3);
waitTime = control.millis();
if (control.millis() - waitTime > 5000) {
    brick.showString("Ok, that took awhile!", 1)
} else {
    brick.showString("Ah, you let go!", 1)

See also

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