set Remote Channel

Set the remote infrared signal channel for an infrared sensor.


An infrared sensor connected to the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 can receive messages (signals for button events) from a remote infrared beacon. In order for the sensor to know which beacon to receive messages from, a channel is used. The beacon has a switch on it to select a particular channel to transmit on. The sensor needs to know which channel to receive (“listen” for) messages from the beacon.

A sensor is not automatically set to listen for infrared messages on a channel. To avoid confusion on which sensor receives signals from a beacon, each sensor (if you have more than one), sets a remote channel for itself. The channel number matches the channel selected on the beacon.


  • channel: the channel for the infrared sensor to “listen” on. You can choose to use one of 4 channels: 0, 1, 2, and 3.


Select channel 2 on an infrared beacon. Set the remote channel for infrared sensor infrared 3 to channel 2. Wait for the center button press on the beacon using channel 2.

brick.showString("Center button on", 1);
brick.showString("channel 2 beacon", 2);
brick.showString("was pressed.", 3);

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