was Pressed

Check if a button was pressed earlier.


The fact that a button was pressed earlier is remembered. Once was pressed is used, this fact is forgotten and the result is false the next time you check with was pressed button state is reset). But, if you press the button again before you check with was pressed, it will tell you true.

Touch sensors

Your LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 has touch sensors that work like buttons. Instead of saying enter or left as the source button, use a touch sensor block with a sensor name like touch 1.

if (sensors.touch1.wasPressed()) {
    console.log("Hey, I was pressed.");

Read about touch sensors and using them as touch buttons.


  • a boolean: true if the button was pressed before, false if the button was not pressed before


Set the brick light to green if the right button was pressed before the left button. If not, the brick light is turned off when the left button is pressed.

brick.buttonLeft.onEvent(ButtonEvent.Bumped, function() {
    if (brick.buttonRight.wasPressed()) {
    } else {

See also

is pressed, on event, Touch sensors