Reset the gyro sensor.


To make the gyro measure rotation angle from the current position of the brick, it is recalibrated. That is, the brick’s current position is set to 0 degrees and rotation angle measurements start from there.

This function only resets the sensor; if you wish to have progress indication and a more robust calibration sequence, use calibrate.

The current position is considered to be the horizon or a place that is the plane of reference (this is possibly someplace that’s flat for a horizontal reference).


To properly reset the gyro, the brick must remain still (undisturbed) while the reset operation takes place.


Set the brick on a flat surface. Reset gyro 2 and tilt the brick slightly. Reset it again while it’s still tilted. Lay the brick down flat again and display the angle measurement.

brick.buttonLeft.onEvent(ButtonEvent.Pressed, function () {
forever(function() {
    brick.showNumber(sensors.gyro2.angle(), 1)

See also

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