on Light Changed

Run some code when the amount of light dectected changes.

sensors.color1.onLightDetected(LightIntensityMode.Reflected, Light.Dark, function () {


You can check for a change in either ambient or reflected light and run some code when it happens. This event happens when the sensor detects light going to dark or to bright. You choose what condition you will run your code for.


  • mode: lighting mode to use for detection. This is for either ambient or reflected light.
  • condition: the condition that the light changed to: dark or bright.
  • handler: the code you want to run when the light changes.


Show a message on the screen when the ambient light goes dark.

sensors.color1.onLightDetected(LightIntensityMode.Ambient, Light.Dark, function() {
    brick.showString("It just got dark", 1)
    brick.showString("Can you see me?", 2)

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