Detects if the gyro is drifting and performs a full reset if needed.


To make the gyro measure rotation angle from the current position of the brick, it is recalibrated. That is, the brick’s current position is set to 0 degrees and rotation angle measurements start from there.

This function adds a few pauses to ensure that the robot is still. If you only want to reset the sensor, use reset.

The current position is considered to be the horizon or a place that is the plane of reference (this is possibly someplace that’s flat for a horizontal reference).


To properly reset the gyro, the brick must remain still (undisturbed) while the reset operation takes place.

Calibration states

Calibration happens in the following phases and each phase is tracked by the brick status light.

  • orange: sensor initialization. This phase ensures that the sensor is in the desired mode and ready to collect data.
  • orange pulse: data collection. Light information is being collected, move the sensor over the various light sources to detect.
  • green: calibration success. The calibration data has been saved.
  • red flash: sensor failure. We were unable to connect to the sensor.


Set the brick on a flat surface. Reset gyro 2 and tilt the brick slightly. Reset it again while it’s still tilted. Lay the brick down flat again and display the angle measurement.

brick.buttonLeft.onEvent(ButtonEvent.Pressed, function () {
forever(function() {
    brick.showNumber(sensors.gyro2.angle(), 1)

See also

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