Set Run Phase

Allows to specify an acceleration or deceleration phases for run commands.

motors.largeD.setRunPhase(MovePhase.Acceleration, 1, MoveUnit.Seconds)

Once the run phase is specified on a motor (or pair of motors), it will be automatically applied to run commands.

Time vs Rotation

The phases specified for time units (seconds, milliseconds) only apply to run with time moves. Similarly, the phases specified for rotation units (# rotation, degrees) only apply to run with rotation units.


motors.largeB.setRunPhase(MovePhase.Acceleration, 0.5, MoveUnit.Seconds)
motors.largeB.setRunPhase(MovePhase.Deceleration, 0.2, MoveUnit.Seconds)
forever(function () {, 1, MoveUnit.Seconds)